Asientos de ventana y asientos de pasillo

The window seat is for those who retain a sense of adventure about travel. It is for those who, no matter how many times they may have flown, hold on to a sense of wonderment as they hurtle down the runway and watch the ground disappear beneath them; for those who cherish that sense of excitement as they descend, nose against the pane, into the blinking lights of a never-before-visited city; whose hearts leap as they stare out across an ocean and spy a lonely atoll. That, after all, is why five-year-olds insist on sitting there. The aisle seat, in contrast, is for those who value utility. It is the seat in which it is easiest to stretch your legs; to get up and wander to the toilet. It is the position for those who like to grab their bags from the locker and beat the queue off the plane.

Gullit – A plane’s aisle seat is for cynics