What mobile is really about

But mobile is just the interface … it’s the ability mobile has given us to transform the nature of transactions that’s the important part. Ten years ago people could only buy from companies. Now, people are able to buy and sell from other people and even sell into companies. I know bloggers who make 5x […]

La ventaja estratégica de Apple

One of Steve Jobs’ biggest legacies was his decision to stop relying on 3rd party semiconductor companies and create an internal silicon design team. By owning its own silicon design team, Apple is able to leap into other markets which will be eaten by software running on cheap silicon. All of this supplier / buyer […]

De lujo y multicanalidad

A store visit does not guarantee a sale, just as a follower does not always lead to a conversion; but both of these interactions are opportunities to influence a future purchase. Potential customers should be delighted during every interaction with a luxury brand. There should be no experiential distinction between online and offline; a retail […]

Ser social

Ser social no depende de que tu empresa use una plataforma u otra. Ser social no depende de cuánto presupuesto te gastes en Redes Sociales. Ser social es otra cosa. Ser social implica abrir tu compañí­a aprovechando las distintas posibilidades que te ofrecen las Redes Sociales, descubriendo los beneficios de la presencia social a los […]

El futuro de Facebook (en 2014)

Cuatro artí­culos que pueden dar una pista sobre el futuro de Facebook en 2014: Facebook plans suite of standalone mobile apps for 2014, sobre los planes de futuro en aplicaciones como What’s App, Instagram, Messenger o Paper. Can Facebook Innovate? A Conversation With Mark Zuckerberg. Entrevista al propio Zuckerberg en el NY Times. The Future […]

El sedimento

“Esto es un ámbito donde uno no escribe un principio que tiene vigencia durante doscientos años. Esto no es un ámbito donde uno pinta un cuadro que será admirado por años, o construye una iglesia que será admirada durante siglos. No. Esto es un ámbito donde uno hace su trabajo y en diez años estará […]