El dilema de Apple Music

Iovine was striking a rare note of contrition, one month after a controversy over the implications of Apple Music’s exclusives caused the world’s largest label group, Universal Music Group, to distance itself from his company. UMG decided it would end most exclusives in late August after it was embarrassed by a lucrative deal between Apple […]

Phantom Limb

Hace unos dí­as se murió Sonia del Amo, una de las referentes de Malasaña al ser la dueña del Tupperware, un bar clásico en la escena indie de Madrid desde hace ya unos cuantos años. Hoy Eva Amaral en eldiario.es le hace un pequeño homenaje buscando a amigos suyos para que recomienden canciones que les […]

Contenido generado por el usuario: pasado, presente y futuro

2006 La foto que ilustra este artí­culo tiene casi 10 años y recuerdo perfectamente el momento y el lugar donde la saqué, con un Nokia 6230i (rudimentario visto en perspectiva pero un muy buen teléfono en su momento). Con varios alumnos de la Escuela Universitaria Informática de la universidad montamos una serie de charlas para […]

What mobile is really about

But mobile is just the interface … it’s the ability mobile has given us to transform the nature of transactions that’s the important part. Ten years ago people could only buy from companies. Now, people are able to buy and sell from other people and even sell into companies. I know bloggers who make 5x […]

La ventaja estratégica de Apple

One of Steve Jobs’ biggest legacies was his decision to stop relying on 3rd party semiconductor companies and create an internal silicon design team. By owning its own silicon design team, Apple is able to leap into other markets which will be eaten by software running on cheap silicon. All of this supplier / buyer […]

De lujo y multicanalidad

A store visit does not guarantee a sale, just as a follower does not always lead to a conversion; but both of these interactions are opportunities to influence a future purchase. Potential customers should be delighted during every interaction with a luxury brand. There should be no experiential distinction between online and offline; a retail […]