El Times y el futuro del periodismo

We are, in the simplest terms, a subscription-first business. Our focus on subscribers sets us apart in crucial ways from many other media organizations. We are not trying to maximize clicks and sell low-margin advertising against them. We are not trying to win a pageviews arms race. We believe that the more sound business strategy for The Times is to provide journalism so strong that several million people around the world are willing to pay for it. Of course, this strategy is also deeply in tune with our longtime values. Our incentives point us toward journalistic excellence. (…) Thanks to our journalism, our digital revenue towers above that of any news competitor. Recent media accounts have made clear the gap: Last year, The Times brought in almost $500 million in purely digital revenue, which is far more than the digital revenues reported by many other leading publications (including BuzzFeed, The Guardian and The Washington Post) — combined.

El New York Times liberó el año pasado a 7 periodistas para que analizaran el futuro de su periódico. Acaba de salir su reporte, con interesantes conclusiones.