El código en la versión inicial de Google

What surprised me was that Larry Page had lots of trouble getting his crawler and indexer to work, partly because he was in Levy’s words «not a world-class programmer» but also because of lots of bugs in the brand new and still unstable language he was using, which was called Java. (This was 1996, two years before Google the company would be founded). To fix all these issues, Page would have to enlist the help of a research assistant at Stanford, Scott Hassan.

Ahora que todos los hipsters tienen Google+ parece que en Quora empieza a asomar la calidad. Como ejemplo esta pregunta: What was the code quality of the initial version of Google?, con contenido realmente interesante. Llegan incluso a enlazar una pregunta de Larry Page en Google Groups sobre cómo mejorar el robot indexador. Wow.